AMS Performance Alpha Deep Transmission Oil Pan and Pickup Relocation Kit for the R35 GT-R

Next we got an angle grinder to sand down the rib.

With the rib sanded down the undertray now fits perfectly.

AMS made a video with the clear pan they used for R&D so you can see the fluid flow with the new pickup.

Here is the new AMS Alpha pan in place.

With the new pan and cleaned solenoids, the transmission was back to shifting better than ever.  When doing some hard launches, there were no signs of miss-shifts or slippage.  We think that the new AMS oil pickup is an ingenious solution to the GR-6 oil starvation problem which puts the Alpha pan a notch above the others currently on the market.


AMS Performance 




  1. Wouldn’t you still want baffles to help keep the oil by the pickup when you’re braking and downshifting? I don’t see the benefit of removing them are aside from a negligible increase in oil capacity.

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