AMS Performance Alpha Deep Transmission Oil Pan and Pickup Relocation Kit for the R35 GT-R

After sweeping with the magnet, we wiped up every trace of the fuzz that we could see.

With the nice clean solenoids, we could now reinstall the valve body.

The valve body goes in, the bolts are all torqued to the proper tightness and the connectors are all re-connected.

When looking at the stock pan, it is super obvious that the AMS pan has a much higher capacity.   Look at how much deeper it is.

You can see how the AMS pan does not have the superfluous anti-slosh baffling.


  1. Wouldn’t you still want baffles to help keep the oil by the pickup when you’re braking and downshifting? I don’t see the benefit of removing them are aside from a negligible increase in oil capacity.

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