Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


Although the car lacks underbody rear aero, downforce is provided by this huge double element rear wing, designed my Andrew Brilliant and built by LYFE Motorsports.  

Some of Andrew's designs use wings rather than underbody aero to create downforce.  This is probably due to production based unibody cars that are constrained by rules not being able to offer platform control like a bespoke racing chassis. 

Platform control is important for the consistent performance of underbody rear aero. Too much body motion can affect underbody airflow greatly causing the rear aero to lose effectiveness. A similar strategy was applied to the ill-fated Team America R32.


This is the “Freedom Tunnel” where all the engine compartment, intercooler, and transaxle vent air is exhausted into the low-pressure zone at the rear of the car.  

This is a better-executed variant of the exhaust air handling theme  of the Team America car. This reduces drag by moving air from a high to a low-pressure area and ensures adequate ventilation of the engine compartment and various heat exchangers at speed.


This rear deck spoiler assists the rear wing in producing downforce and could also have the effect of improving flow through the “Freedom Tunnel”.
The wing sits on sturdy CNC machined mounts that couple directly to the chassis. Chassis mounts are needed because the wing can produce well over 1000 lbs of downforce. 

The wing mounts are adjustable for angle and the entire wing can be quickly removed with quick release clevis pins. There is not a whole lot of stuff going on the back of the car because much of the stuff usually found in the rear trunk area has been relocated to the car's passenger side bay and the 'Freedom Tunnel” also takes up a lot of space in the area.


(photo by Andrew Perry) The aero is super effective, look at the dust rooster tail that car is kicking up!
(Photo by GTA/Snap Studio) Cole Powelson is the boss of the LYFE Motorsports group and a shoe driver as well. 

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