Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The Wisefab upright is an impressive piece, CNC machined from a huge chunk of aluminum billet.  It is hard to see in pictures but the backside has been extensively pocketed for lightness. Camber and kingpin inclination angle are also adjustable at the top of the upright.

The upright has an offset hub mounting point that lowers the car without messing up bumpsteer or the roll center.  It also mounts the lower control arm in double shear for extra strength. The upper control arm is also by Wisefab and is adjustable for caster and camber. 

The top mount for the TTX shock is made by JRZ and the blue thing is the suspension position transducer for the MoTeC data logger.


The front brakes are huge 405mm rotor, Brembo GT units with a monoblock endurance racing six piston caliper. Big brakes are needed to stop a big, powerful and heavy car with more than two tons of downforce.
The monoblock calipers are a stiff one-piece forging including the forged in place bridge.  You can see how they have extra room for the super thick brake pads that are normally used for severe use endurance racing. Just being in a GT-R means tough conditions for any brakes!
The rear of the car also uses Wisefab suspension. Like the front, a 3-way adjustable Whiteline sway-bar is employed (part number BNR36XZ). The lines run to the cooler for the transaxle.  The cooler is fed through the central vent “Freedom Tunnel”. 

The transaxle is fortified with a Dodson gear set and clutch packs to be able to withstand the engine's massive torque capacity.  The transaxle also has an OS Giken limited slip. 

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