Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The LYFE GT-R rides on 18×12.5 forged and CNC machined CCW one piece wheels.  These wheels are both strong and lightweight. Mounted to the wheels are Michelin SH8 31/71-18 road racing slicks.
The roll cage ties in all of the cars suspension pick up points and functions like a semi-tube frame.  It is constructed mostly of 1.75″ DOM tubing with a 0.120″ thick wall.

The cage is heavily gusseted to the car's unibody with dimple die plates. Unfortunately, a lot of the pretty work is hidden behind the car's interior panels.


You can see the cage passing through the firewall to the shock towers here. The additional reinforcement allowed the removal of the inner firewall which freed up a lot of room inside the engine compartment. 
An OMP steering wheel is used with a Krontec quick release on a racing steering column.  
Looking at only two pedals in a race car is weird. The brakes use AP racing master cylinders, balance bar and pedal assembly.  The stock accelerator pedal is retained. 
The datalogging functions and driver display are handled by a MoTeC 187 color dash display that is tied in via CANBUS to the MoTeC M150 ECU.

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