Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


(Photo by GTA/Snap Studio) Is this the fastest North American Time Attack car of all time? The LYFE Motorsports GT-R has proven itself to be fast on the banks of Cal Speedway with a time of 1:32.534, the fastest time attack car to circulate Cal Speedway to date.  
(photo by Andrew Perry) The LYFE Motorsports GT-R looks mean and aggressive and its entrance to the Time Attack Scene is helping to breathe new life into a previously dead area.  We are tremendously happy to see that time attack is once again gaining momentum.

The LYFE Motorsports GT-R has advanced aero, tons of power, all of the right parts and a well-run team.  What will the car do at Super Lap Battle and will it take down the Buttonwillow Configuration 13 CW record? Buttonwillow is considered to be the North American time attack standard. We await eagerly!


LYFE Motorsports

Global Time Attack


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