Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The front suspension uses Whiteline 3-way adjustable swaybars (part number BNF40Z). These are the same parts that you and I can go and buy from Whiteline. The Wisefab lower control arm has a bolt in bracket to accommodate the swaybars.
The Ohlins TTX dampers are unique in that they are of a twin tube design.  However, they are not twin tubes in the normal sense when compared to standard dampers.

In the TTX, the piston does not contain any valving. The piston is solid and acts as a directional valve directing fluid through the external valve pack.  In compression. the piston forces the fluid through the compression valves into and through the outer tube to the other side of the piston. In rebound, the piston forces the fluid through the outer tube and through the rebound valves.

The TTX has a gas pressurized remote reservoir with a floating piston but fluid only flows to it to make up for shock shaft displacement and it serves no metering functions. With the compact twin tube design, Ohlins has cleverly developed a way to have a damper with high and low speed independently adjustable compression and rebound damping with easy to access adjusters. This is great for racers!


The Wisefab lower control arm is CNC machined from heat treated steel. Steel is needed here for strength.  It allows for camber and caster adjustment as well as some adjustment for anti-dive.

The swaybar bracket can be moved into several locations to add adjustability and to accommodate different types of bars if desired. The front coilovers can also be mounted in different holes to allow adjustment of the car's motion ratio if desired. Wisefab upright holds the lower control arm in double shear, a great feature that is usually missing from both OEM and aftermarket suspension systems.

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