Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


Behind the OMP steering wheel, the paddle shifters are retained and the buttons and knobs are to adjust different engine control maps and traction control.
The controls for the MoTeC PDM are built into this pod.  Some of the OEM controls are here as well. 
The driver is held in place by a Racetech HANS compatible seat with head protection.  Racetech also supplies the harnesses.  The seat is mounted to the cage.  Note the factory shifter has been relocated to the left side of the driver!
LYFE Motorsports constructed the carbon fiber doors and Lexan side windows. 
The Aero package on the LYFE GT-R is one of the most interesting and important aspects of the car.

Designed by Andrew Brillant and built by LYFE the aero package produces several thousand pounds of downforce.  The front splitter is shown here.  It is carbon fiber over and MDF foam core.  The splitter looks pretty typical but it is the secret surfaces under it all that we can't show you that's important.



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