Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The air handling behind the front wheel is pretty elaborate, probably to help with the splitter's underside effectiveness. 

The inner sides of the front fenders are bull nosed and the air flow from the venturis is kept away from the ground plane with an inner side skirt extension which provides some pressure recovery and these huge louvers that direct air along the sides of the car. 


The full-length side skirts help prevent airflow from curling under the car by generating vortices that help seal off the underside of the car. They also provide a small amount of pressure recovery. 

The side skirts are blown by the exhaust system which helps reinforce the side vortices. Lifting a car with a lot of aero is a PITA and the team developed these really neat external air jacks to lift the car quickly.

The airflow to the Ron Davis custom radiator is diverted from the bottom of the closed off nose near the splitter. Airflow to the front brakes comes from two small vents to either side of the radiator opening. 

The intercooler airflow goes past the turbos and exits via the central “Freedom Tunnel”.  The engine oil cooler is a water to oil Laminova unit. This is great as it helps aerodynamics by eliminating a big heat exchanger and its attendant airflow requirements.
The radiator exit air is vented out the top of the hood where it helps produce more front downforce. 
The LYFE Motorsports GT-R is a flat bottom car and surprisingly does not have any underbody aero other than the flat bottom.  Most of the rear downforce is generated by the huge rear wing.

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