Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The dry sump system uses a Peterson tank.  These are great tanks that offer good de-aerating and can easily be disassembled for cleaning.  

The large square tank is where the engine's breathers terminate.  Ethanol fuel creates a lot of liquid in the blowby gasses and a large volume breather tank is needed.  The engine oil filter is forward of the tank.


Just forward and to the right of the dry sump hardware is the MoTeC M150 ECU. This is a MoTeC M1 that is configured to be plug and play with the Nissan wiring harness.

If you have ever tried to mess with a late model CANBUS equipped car when modified for racing you can appreciate the idea of a completely user-configurable management system.  Even with sophisticated tuners with a lot of technical support, OEM system can drive you crazy when used for racing.

Ever disconnect the radio antenna and have the car only work intermittently afterwards? Welcome to the world of trying to race a late model car with the stock ECU.

A MoTecC PCM handles power distribution in the car.  The PDM is the next best thing to sliced bread.  

The PDM cleanly, simply and reliably handles a race car's power management replacing tons of switches and relays. It has smart functions as well like user defined activation logic.  All race cars should have them!


A Fuel Safe fuel cell with an exotic fuel rated bladder and foam are used to contain the VP Racing E85 fuel.

To keep the engine fed under high cornering G-Loads a Radium FCST (Fuelcell Compatible Surge Tank) internal surge tank is used.  This is one of the most sanitary ways to safely integrate a surge tank into a race car fuel system with no external mounting of pumps or tanks needed! 

The 2.2-liter FCST has one Walbro 450 LPH pump as a lift pump to feed the surge tank with two Walbro 450 LPH pumps feeding the engine from the surge tank.


The front suspension uses Wisefab's Road Racing suspension set up with fabricated uprights, upper and lower control arms and tie rods.  For dampers Ohlins TTX 4-way adjustable units are used.  No expense spared here!

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