Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R


The rear Wisefab upright, like the front, has been CNC machined from a block of aluminum and pocketed for lightness.  It has a relocated hub mounting point to lower the car without messing up the geometry.  

The suspension arms with the exception of the toe links are all in double shear. and there is room to adjust the anti-squat to a degree on the lower links.

This is all really cool stuff and there is nothing like it in the GT-R world to date.


The Wisefab suspension tubular links are fully adjustable for camber.  The toe curve is also adjustable by moving the toe links outer pickup point on the upright. 

You can also see that the team relocated one of the lower control arm pickup points to adjust the roll center and anti-squat. 

The incredible adjustability of the Wisefab suspension system is awesome but the stupid can really mess up a car with some ham-fisted adjustments!

The rear Ohlins TTX damper uses a neat super compact coaxial reservoir to make up for shaft displacement. Otherwise, the twin tube design works much like the front in terms of fluid low.  
The rear Brembo brakes use Brembo racing rotors and the stock 4-piston rear caliper that is larger than most cars' front brakes!

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