Extreme Engine Tech: Building the Ultimate K24 Part 3- The Finished Goods!


The timing chain tensioner is now installed and cam timing reverified.
All is good and we are ready to install the front cover.
When installing the front cover we noted that one of the front cover holes had no corresponding bolt hole on the head.  Since there was no pressurized oil or other fluids in the area we figured that this would not be an issue.
Here is a close up of our valve cover with no hole.  There is no oil splash or pressurized oil here so it will be fine.
Next we bolted down our valve cover.
Now we come to our first dumb setback.  Remember the cool  baffled Moroso oil pan we got?  Well guess what? It wont fit with our modified K24 oil pump balance shaft assembly.  The stock pan fit fine but we wanted the baffling and extra capacity of the Moroso pan.  We tried to fit a balance shaftless K20 oil pump and found that a bolt and a boss on the block interfered with the pump.  However all was not lost.


  1. On part 3 page 5 timing chain is fitted wrong. Timing marks are not correctly aligned and timing is not set properly . Little dots on cam gears should be between gold chain rings. Dashes on intake and exhaust cam gear should point to each other!

    1. We were just doing a dummy fit up to check the tensioner so of course, we didn’t assemble the engine that way. Good catch though!

  2. I appreciate the time, effort and great photos in this article guys, but there are some serious holes in the story here that need to be addressed. RBB valve cover to R40 timing cover does not seal. PRB non balance shafted oil pump conversion requires blocking the old feed port on the block beneath the oilpan. Youve used the incorrect chain tensioner for the r40 block as the old steel bodied tensioners have a slightly different oil port location. Moroso pan doesnt have provisions for the lower torque mount. Although you used aftermarket pistons maybe some measurements on a stock piston compression height and how that clears with these heads. Maybe spotlighting some of these details maybe help to better guide your reader base in tackling some of the hurtles of the R40 4-port conversion. Either way, great content and thanks for your contribution to our industry.

    1. Its been a long time since we wrote the article but I am pretty sure we covered how to do that stuff in the other parts of the series. I know we did the balance shaft and cover stuff. Pretty sure we did the tensioner in other parts. I remember getting the new tensioner.

      1. If there is a revised article beyond this “part 3” that covers these issues, I wasnt able to find it. Is it under this engine build article or something different?

        1. I think there was up to a part 5. You know what, I think I covered this stuff more in our NA build. I am getting things confused. It’s been years!

  3. Great article, Im wondering what engine wiring harness would be used for this build to go back in a 2012 civic si coupe?

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