Fall-Line Motorsports


If you call Fall-Line and Tim Stratton says, “I'm not at my desk at the moment,” picture him like this.  But seriously, this is one guest lounge I could get used to (and did).


Fall-Line has an apparel store you can browse through, which carries the likes of OMP, Oakley and Safecraft Restraint systems.

D'oh!  I hear the race team trucks pulling in from Alabama!  As I run back to the shop, I feel like my kids when they run to see daddy after a long day's work. 

This is how the Fall-Line Racing team rolls to and from Grand Am races.  Make no mistake about it—the race team side of the business is a serious gig.


I actually took this shot after they'd emptied the bottom level.  It's impressive how much stuff they can fit; they've got it down to a science.   That's Boden's #46 that climbed to second place but dropped out with what they thought was a slipping clutch.  See the diagnostic dyno footage on page 12.


How confident would you feel with an entourage like this?  And there's another one sitting outside the shop.  Fall-Line has been known to take up to 17 cars to big race weekends.  Think about the logistics, and the manpower loading and unloading all of that.  I'm done after loading 17 bags of groceries (Honey, you can unload them).


The first car is out, but more on the Grand Am M3s on the next page.  Fall-Line actually pushes all race and streetcars around the shop to reduce the pollution inside.  (There's a concept some shops could learn from.)


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