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Look beyond the CCW classic wheels and you'll notice Stoptech brakes.  At only 13-in in diameter, you know these two-piece rotors are working hard to stop those 275-mm Hoosiers up front.


Missing my own Project Supra, I couldn't help but pay special attention to this clean example.


On the shop's Mustang dyno the Supra was tuned by Fall-Line's own Vincent Fiore to a modest 772whp/602 lb-ft with 58% ethanol using a Pro EFI engine management system.  While much is polished, the cam covers and oil breather feature a tasteful black wrinkle finish.  The car is spotless.


I couldn't help but notice the Aussie-born Hypertune intake manifold and 2150-cc Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) injectors.


The turbo is a Precision 6766 dual bearing with a 1.00 divided housing on a Full Race exhaust manifold.  Overall, the setup is pretty similar to our own Supra project, only this one is making full use of the factory bottom end.


Something our Project Supra doesn't have is this PowerHouse Racing instrument cluster.  The quad gauge on the left replaces the gargantuan fuel level gauge and features warning lights.  The center 10,000 RPM tachometer has warning and shift lights, as well as peak recall, and replaces the stock 8000 RPM tach.  To the far right, the 260-mph gauge is GPS-based, which is good because so many Supras roll on larger diameter tires for more grip, jacking up their speedometer readings.  For instance, my 305/35-18 sized tires turned my once-accurate speedo into one that's now 8% pessimistic.


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