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Parked next to the Supra, this VW R32 looks fantastic with its BBS wheels and body kit.  It also has other less obvious upgrades that will surely shine through in a high performance situation, starting with its front and rear Alcon big brake kit and KW coil-over suspension.


Under the hood the obvious turbo kit is confirmed.  Fall-Line also relocated the battery to the rear.  This would be one fun car to drive.  Fall-Line didn't install the turbo kit so I couldn't confirm specs.


Fall-Line owner Mark Boden got a wild hair to start Mazda Miata spec racing.  So, Fall-Line had this '99 example totally stripped down and prepped for racing.  We're talking hundreds of hours of work.  Unfortunately, with such a busy clientele and racing scene, the car's been sitting ever since (and such is life).

I know, I know.  The red 4.4-liter E92 M3 keeps haunting me back there too.  Just shoot me now.

As I continued walking toward the back of the shop, I came across the fabrication section.  You can either buy a factory BMW race chassis, or convert your streetcar to a full racer.  If you choose the latter, Fall-Line starts by a full strip-down (of the car), including windows and tar and seam sealers.  A 1¾-in Chromoly roll cage is fabricated, followed by a custom paint job.  

Fall-Line built cars are safe, but also remarkably clean.  ”We need our drivers to be comfortable in their cars when they race, which has been proven to improve lap times.,” says Tim Stratton.  ”That's why we keep everything so clean inside.  It's a big deal to Fall-Line.  Many of our customers have the private jets, million-dollar homes, etc—they have a certain top-tier level of expectation.  In their spare time, some people golf, others play tennis.  These guys race cars.”

Whatever, I could easily sell my house, buy one of these racers, cook my Top Ramen in the engine bay and eat off the floorboard.  


The E46 chassis belongs to a new customer racing in SCCA T3.  But don't overlook that white E36 chassis.  While it's getting all the new chassis updates from Fall-Line, that sucker not only gives chest compressions with the ~$20k Brembo “full race” brake setup…


…it drops stomachs with the coveted S50B32 Euro-spec 3.2-liter evolution E36 M3 engine.  Featuring six throttle bodies and double VANOS technology, this Gruppe N-spec example is reported to cost a whopping $30k from BMW.  While the street version was rated at 321 bhp normally-aspirated, this one breathes through a large Motorsport Gruppe N carbon air box, which I didn't see (and would've discretely worn it on my way out), and controlled by a Motec EMS.



Here's a close-up of the crank-spun, CNC'd dry sump oil lubrication system on the S50B32.  The rear's attached to an Xtrac sequential race transmission.  Another “ho hum” E36 build for Fall-Line.  

On any given day, Fall-Line apparently has a lot of sleeper racecars lying around (can you call a racecar a sleeper?  Today, I think so).  More of these on the following pages…

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