Fall-Line Motorsports


A quick pan to the right and you can't overlook the stacks of brand new racing slicks.


Turning around and walking back up the isle, I'm greeted by a rather familiar body style to MotoIQ readers.  Originally built as a street car by AMS Performance the customer brought the Mitsubishi EVO X to Fall-Line with plans to race in SCCA T2. 


Fall-Line requires all its fabricators and engine builders to keep things squeaky clean  inside and out.  All roll cages are Chromoly TIG-welded and custom painted (as opposed to with a spray can) so they don't chip easily.  This keeps the driver as comfortable—and fast—as possible, as Tim mentioned earlier.


Fall-Line replaced the whole enchilada with a brand new crate motor.  Fall-Line makes sure to keep every customer's car—and their own racers—within the class rule set. 


Walking up the aisle, I pass a 996 GT3 Porsche Cup (GT2 SCCA) car.  I found myself drawn to those split-spoke Fikse forged aluminum single-lug wheels.  I may order a set of these for my yellow F40.


Here's a beast of an M3.  It's an E46 powered by an S65 V8 from the E92 M3, and has other goodies I'll share with you on the next page.


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