Fall-Line Motorsports


A close-up of the black E46 M3's 4.0-liter S65 engine with dry sump oil lubrication system. 


Brembo's highest level brake system available—the Brembo “Race” kit—is commonly seen on Fall-Line race cars.  The kit features the ability to use 30-mm thick pads, squished by monoblock calipers with titanium inserts.  Scary to think I'd have to sell my entire Project E46 M3 to afford a set of these, at $20k for a full set.


By now you've probably noticed using Xtrac sequential race transmissions is a common theme at Fall-Line.  Here's a close-up of one about to be installed on the black E46.  Now's a good time to tell you how much these trannies cost—around $60,000 plus installation.

Let's see…buy the new BMW M5? or install new Brembo Race brakes and Xtrac transmission for my 3-series racer? 

At this point Tim Stratton proceeds to tell me, “boy, if I would have known you were coming I could have had some real nice cars for you here.”  (um…que??)


I'm sorry but this is the fattest swaybar I have ever seen.  Maybe Pauly won't be able to swing it anyway.


Another T2 Porsche 996 racecar, but the real story is what's happening behind it.  See the guy working on the E92 M3?  That's “Rad” (seriously, that's his name—he's Slovakian).  It's Sunday and, having just gotten off the plane, returning from the Barber Motorsports Grand Am race, Rad's back at the shop working on his own car.  These guys don't stop.


If you get tired of the cars you can go inside the admin building, where there are several rooms, including conference rooms, private offices and lounges.  I got a kick out of this one, showcasing a Rotax twin-speed in the foreground and full-shifter in the back.

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