Fall-Line Motorsports


Flip a 180 and we're facing where I came in from.  There's one of the rigs back (more on the race program later).  Let's go check out that unassuming E46 BMW M3 on the shop's Mustang Dyno.


Oh man.  With only 24k miles, this car is a beaut.  It's painted the same, Titanium silver as our own Project M3, but it features a factory Imola red interior, Fikse Profil 10 forged and anodized wheels with polished lip, and Alcon front and rear big brakes.


Fall-Line is also a G-Power dealer, and this car happens to sport the German-made CNC machined SK1 (Stage1) supercharger kit, which uses an air-to-water intercooler and front-mount heat exchanger.  We actually got a ride in it and, at only 6 PSI, it felt significantly faster than the 450 bhp Porsche GT3RS I was chauffered in that weekend.  In fact, on their dyno, the midrange torque was neck-and-neck with a supercharged E92 M3's from 2000-5200 rpm, before the V8's power continued to soar.  This is the first E46 M3 kit in the USA.


The G-Power SK1 uses an ASA blower that can spin up to 105,000 rpm (more than twice that of regular centrifugal blowers), which is how it gets its midrange torque.  It also features this optional clutch that disengages the supercharger at anything under 2000 rpm to reduce parasitic drag during traffic or idling.  In Europe, ASA blowers are used in the FIA GT endurance racing series by the factory-backed Alpina BMW racing team. 


Looking left, I'm continuing the U-shaped tour of the facility.  See those parts on the table, the black M3 in the foreground and those two wide bodies on the left? More on those in a sec but trust me they are impressive, with a lot more than meets the eye.


A quick glance to the right.  It's a Sunday, so it's quiet here.  In fact, there are only 3 of us in the entire building.   Apparently, those Fall-Line-prepped SCCA T3 cars you see up there actually all race against each other. 


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