Fall-Line Motorsports


With cars unloaded, I had to cop a peek.  The left, dark blue rig apparently houses most of the team's tools.  Check out all those headsets.


Walking in and looking back.  Not a bad place to chill out during race weekends.  Oddly enough, those two are talking about relationships–hey these guys are normal!


Turn around and walk toward the bow, and I think I'll chill out in here instead!


This is some of what goes into the second rig.  Looks like there's no time for the team to waste off-track. 


The #45 car, driven by Hugh Plumb and Al Carter.  It qualified third at Barber Motorsports Complex but DNF'd the race due to a drivetrain malfunction.  At Fall-line once the cars are rolled off the truck they are immediately put up on a lift to remove the under body panels.  That's followed by a quick wash, after which the mechanics can proceed to operate. 

After arriving on a late Sunday night or early Sunday morning, the team has to sometimes hit the road again the following Wednesday, just two days later, if there's another race that weekend.  That sounds exhausting.  Thankfully, this time they won't be leaving for Road Atlanta until Monday, giving them a full week to get things squared away (that still doesn't sound like a long time). 

The #48 M3 driven by Charles Espenlaub and Al Carter was the heavy favorite for the Grand Am weekend in Alabama.  It took the pole in GS and even broke the track record for its class.  But after leading for the first 1.5 hours of the race it suffered a lug nut problem in the pits and got knocked back to a seventh-place finish.


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