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Sitting next to the #7 is the #16 Flossman-carbon wide-bodied E46, only this one is powered by a stoker 3.4-liter S54 breathing through a BMW Motorsport CSL carbon intake manifold.  The engine's controlled with a Bosch Motorsport engine management.  Sadly, the motor's out of the car and unavailable for photos.


Just beyond the fatties we deflate to one of the cleanest E36 M3's I've seen.  While it sports a Dinan badge, it's getting outfitted with a Vortech-based RMS supercharger system, and being tuned remotely by Epic Motorsports, a company Fall-Line works closely with and that also tuned our own Project M3 in Part 1.  It also has a full Supersprint engine-back exhaust and Brembo big brakes front and rear.

Something worth mentioning hereā€”our host, Vincent Fiore, spotted the only oil spill in the entire shop next to this car, which a new mechanic apparently didn't notice to clean up.  It was only about 3 inches in diameter, but Vince went off! 

Here's another one of Fall-Line-owner Mark Boden's cars, a Porsche 997 SCCA GT2/GT3 Porsche Cup car.  Most of the big, time-consuming modifications are unseen to the naked eye, most of which are targeted to weight savings and balancing.  This car rides on Motion Control race suspension. 


While these cars run near-stock engines to level the playing field, the suspension and interior details are elaborate. They run sequential transmissions, data acquisition systems, and several other bells and whistles. 


Here's yet another Porsche 997 SCCA GT2 car, only this one's suspended by KW.  It's resting on Fall-Line's setup pad, which can also corner-balance.  A typical Hunter rack is good for streetcars with rubber bushings because the machines can only go up to .001-in accuracy.   It also takes about 1-2 hours to perform.

On a racecar with solid, non-rubber bushings throughout, this isn't good enough, and using it would compromise tire wear, top speed, turn-in and overall handing.  So, Fall-Line uses string gauges, and a true racecar alignment setup can range from 5-8 hours.

In order to save hours, Fall-Line does use a Hunter rack to get a baseline under special circumstances, as in the case of this particular 996 Cup car, which suffered an accident.  To set this car back up on the setup pad alone would reportedly take up to 8 hours.


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