Fall-Line Motorsports


The #7 Trim Tex widebody E46 M3 is one of Fall-Line's most impressive and elaborate pieces of work—probably even more than its Grand Am racecars.  It wears a Flossmann Design carbon fiber GTR widebody that Fall-Line massaged to fit 305-mm wide tires at all four corners.  Imagine that kind of grip.  


While impressive inside, there's only so much I am allowed to say about it.  I could tell you but then “Pauly” would be standing behind me with a swaybar, ready to take care of both of us.   I can say that sturdy shift lever controls an Xtrac transmission that is worth as much as all of the cars I own combined.


A Merrin fuel cell is centered in the back seat area.


Since the dry sump's oil tank sits in the right rear of the trunk, that's where the engine oil is added.  Those are drivetrain coolers on the left.  The fuel delivery piping to the Merrin cell is seamless.  Also visible are the bright Moton race suspension reservoirs. 


A close-up of the switches inside.  ”Houston, we have a problem… (where's the NOS…  I need NOS!)”


Under the hood rests an S62 5-liter V8 from an E39 M5.  Notice the custom ram-air intake upfront, the Moton suspension components, and the electric power steering for less engine drag in the passenger-side rear. The engine is controlled by a Motec EMS.


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