Performance Racing Industry 2013


Our friends from down under brought out their marsupial inspired braking components. DBA in the house. 

Their 2 piece rotors feature the Kangaroo Paw vanes that DBA has patented and has made them “often flattered” within the industry. 

The DBA XG-150 cast iron and Kangaroo paw ventilation system minimizes brake fade and increases brake efficiency. 

Motovicity Distrubution had this super clean HKS'd OUT EVO X in their booth. Motovicity is a powerhouse source for MANY product lines and here they are showcasing some JDM goodness. 

One would think this caption is supposed to translate these performance specifics. Nope, we think they did this just to make the rest of us jealous with the style this car oozed while holding down the carpet. 

Did we mention that Motovicity offers HKS goodness? Aside from that they represent many other quality brands! 

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