Performance Racing Industry 2013


Wilwood boothWilwood products on display from calipers and rotors to master cylinders and proportioning valve brackets.
The Wilwood reverse swing mount triple master cylinder clutch and brake pedal (say that ten times fast!) operates the clutch and brake together in one unit and mounts the master cylinder inside the firewall.  
Wilwood's forged narrow Superlite big brake kit includes radial mounted 4 piston calipers, 12.88″ x 1″ asymmetrical face slotted rotors, and Poly Matrix H compound brake pads.  
wilwood carbon ceramic rotor
The Wilwood Aerolite 4R carbon ceramic big brake kit includes a 4 piston radial mounted caliper, 14″ x 1.1″ carbon ceramic rotor, and PCM compound brake pad.
wilwood brake padsOne of my favorite things to see were the backing plates prior to installation of the friction material. They start with a surface that has been processed to have protrusions of random alignment to secure the material. This is the base for their high performance pads. 

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