Performance Racing Industry 2013


This 1979 Malibu has spent nearly its entire life as a drag car and is still completely straight. Our PRI cover image on page 1 shows you the twin turbo goodness smack dab in the center of the front end. A custom air water setup resides where the passengers ass once did on a factory bench seat. 

The new GTX Rally Potato. Yes that's right a motorsport specific turbo designed for rally that features an inlet designed for the required class inlet restrictor as well as provision for a turbo speed sensor. 

The order of the day in the Garrett booth is advancements in turbine housing technology. Here we see GT35 V band and T3 twin scroll cutaways. 

PFC's booth was pure automotive pornography. This Nascar specific Caliper uses highly optimized carbon ducting to keep the pads and rotor cool. The ducting nearly completely shrouds the rotor to help this assembly stand up to the abuse that these systems take. 

PFC X Porsche GT2 + full ducting + this is the rear = Boss Braking Status! 
I was going to write a caption about the forged caliper and carbon two piece rotor and their more technical attributes but I drooled on the keyboard while editing the picture instead. 

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