Performance Racing Industry 2013


stackStack is stacked on this new display. It Monitors up to 16 different sensors and the dash is fully configurable for how you would like your data displayed. 
You can even toggle between multiple display settings for track mapping and other data sets. 
Stack was displaying some seriously cool stuff. This is their wireless tire pressure and temp monitoring system. The wheel mounted sensor uses no electronic parts or batteries! A small amount of crystals are located inside the sensor and the control box uses a signal similar to sonar to pick up changes in the resonance to relay the information back to the monitoring system. 
Fluidampr was on hand to show off their viscoelastic damping pulleys. They are starting to document their performance with dynamometer testing over their rubber counterparts. 
fluidamperCutaway of their 4G63 damper. 
fluidamperFluidampr is starting to offer applications for Diesel's and the gains are promising. 

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