Performance Racing Industry 2013


Stoptech slotted rotorsStoptech also manufactures these 2 piece slotted rotors for the new Dodge Viper SRT. These are factory installed and the # on the hat is the OEM part # available from the dealer. 
F sport caliperThese F sport calipers are made by Stoptech for the ISF and the F Sport variants. The red ones in the background are manufactured by Stoptech for TRD, offered as a factory installed option.  
WPC boothWPC metal surface treatment is a micro bombardment process used to increases the fatigue strength making a component more resistant to cracking. WPC also increases surface hardness, reducing friction and improving wear resistance. This is the sort of stuff race engines are built with!
WPC treatmentHalf of this surface is treated the other half is not. The untreated cap spins freely on the treated side and comes to a dead stop almost instantly on the other side. Mr. Kojima has spun this very display while making his now famous series of WPC videos. If you haven't seen them by now I am pretty sure we cannot help you. 
WPC booth modelThis 1998BAR F1 car was in the process of being restored to a race car from a show car. Loved seeing this livery still alive and in the WPC booth. 
WPC booth
Also displaying with WPC was Williams Racing Developments. A motorsports prep and development company that was showing off their WPC treated and WRD optimized Hewland Gearboxes. 

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