Performance Racing Industry 2013


JE pistonsJE pistons for the LS motors with asymmetrical flat top allows for higher strength with a larger skirt on the major thrust side (which is exposed to more stress) and reduced friction using a smaller skirt on the minor thrust side. An offset wrist pin location and shorter wrist pin helps with ring seal and strength.  
JE pistonsJE also offers pistons for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ platforms.
RoushYates engineThis RoushYates engine was in the JE pistons booth but nobody could get near it for details as there was literally a pile of poo on the floor in front of it that people had to sidestep. The irony is lost on me…
K&N booth
K&N also provides filters for industrial diesel applications. They are roughly the size of R2D2.
Check out the air filter for Dai Yoshihara's 2014 drift car.  He may not be able to see over it, we will check with Kojima on the seating position. 
K&NK&N breather kit, air filter, and inline oil filter for Nascar 364 cubic inch spec engine.

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