Performance Racing Industry 2013


Whiteline boothActivate more grip with Whiteline sway bar kits. Sway bars control body roll, lateral links keep the sway bars from shifting during cornering loads and adjustable sway bar end links eliminate preload.
Whiteline bushings
Whiteline chassis control bushings offer better steering response and handling and don't need to be regreased. The bushings are made of a synthetic elastomer that is resistant to chemicals and weather degradation and provides a better ride with no increased vibration or noise.
Davies and Craig radiatorDavies and Craig radiator
 Davies Craig EWP (electric water pump) suffers no power loss from mechanical belt-driven pumps. The digital controller can also vary the speed of the pump to manage to the target temperature. 
Davies and Craig
Davies Craig fan controller can run their electric water pump after ignition shutdown to reduce heat soak. You can also set a target temperature and if the engine goes more than 3 degrees over that target, it will run the radiator fan until the target temp is restored.

EWP controller in all its glory. With a setup like this we are well to remember that cooling is no longer RPM dependent! 🙂 
 The header adapter kit to be used with the EWP on the Chevy engine.

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