Performance Racing Industry 2013


Exedy had a very welcoming booth with a lot of cool things contained inside! We will start with their offerings for the 370Z and Corvette.

We move to the coolest overhead display by far. This thing was huge and it rotated. I stood up looking at it like I was fresh off the short bus. 

This AMS built Alpha 9 997 uses an Exedy clutch to do many things. Those things include running to 60 in 2.64 seconds, traveling a 1/4 mile in 9.97 seconds, and going over 210 MPH in top speed. 

AEM electronics was showcasing their new Infinity system. 
They started with a state of the art processor and built around that to offer a system that lives up to its name. Fully configurable EFI control that is easily accessible to the enthusiast and also capable of running a world class race car. 
A host of AEM goodies we have likely talked about before here on MIQ. Again if it is quality we use and support it! 

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