Performance Racing Industry 2013


KW showcasing their 2 way Clubsports again… We never get sick of seeing their products. 

My personal favorites were their motorsports dampers in all of their goodness. 3 way adjustability and can be built to suit ANY race car for use in just about every application or motorsport. I nearly got my knuckles wrapped with a ruler for fondling… 

KW also owns ST suspensions and I am continually amazed at the quality of product that they can offer at such a modest price point. There really is ZERO excuse to buy some shoddy coilover kit with offerings like these. 

Motul was on hand to show and talk about their products and also to point out the new Formula 300V which is now a single ESTER base. 

Swain Tech is the leader in automotive coatings. Here you can se their TBC coatings on a cylinder head. One of our original projects (Project 200SX) used a fully Swain TBC coated head to run for years of boosted track abuse without issue. 

The famous White Lightning coating. This is a coating applied over multiple passes to coat exhaust parts. They only way to remove it is with a grinder and despite the fact that the color lends it self to becoming “less pretty” rest assured that no matter how it winds up looking, it is STILL working. 

We would like to thank all of our advertisers for not only choosing to work with us here at MotoIQ but for continuing to push the industry in a direction of progress and quality. We look forward to 2014. And if you want more 2014 PRI coverage be sure and stay tuned for our Nerd's Eye View PRI edition.

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