PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


All in all, the new Murder Nova is quite a site to behold, and it should do well in the upcoming season of Street Outlaws. It’s got all of the latest and greatest stuff on there.

While we didn’t see the Farmtruck or Dung Beetle this year, I figured I’d throw in a couple of throw-backs while we’re on the subject. I already showed a pic of the Farmtruck I took at PRI 2014 in the last Street Outlaws Part 1 article, and here’s the Dung Beetle from last year.

The Discovery Channel Street Outlaws sight claims this is a 1000hp car, but we’re not sure about those figures, unless something’s been drastically changed on the car. With a Precison T3/T4 turbo boosting the 2.3-liter engine, however, the 366 whp we’ve seen in other reports sounds more like it. That’s before the nitrous, of course. This car has embarrassed a lot of exotics on the street due to its lack of weight and gobs of traction. Again, to keep things civil these guys—for the most part—are racing in the eigth mile, not the quarter. Had it been the latter, I’m sure some of the exotics this car’s out-quickened would have made up plenty of ground on the big end.

Another car I spotted at the PRI 2014 show that I haven’t seen since is the 1982 Hurst edition Oldsmobile Cutlass, known as “the Cutty.” It’s driven by John Andrade, Jr.

The engine is built by Texas Speed and features 408-cubic inches with Wiseco pistons to manage the 94mm Forced Inductions turbo.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Street Outlaws edition of the PRI 2016 show! Can you believe I got eight articles from just one day at the show? That's how good this place is. Stay tuned for this year’s coverage starting in December! For an index to all the companies featured at the 2016 PRI Show, click on the next page!





STREET OUTLAWS – Discovery Channel


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