PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


It’s got a 5.4-liter Ford modular which is boosted by a…wait for it…

…a 102mm Gen3 Pro Mod 102 CEA Precision Turbocharger—apparently the first one ever released to a customer by Precision. The car will also have a 2-stage kit of nitrous. The Gen3 Pro Mod 102 CEA is PTE’s second largest turbo offered, and it’s good for up to 2250 horsepower. The T5 turbine housing has a whopping 1.40 aspect ratio. It would be funny to see how many RPM it would take a 1.6-liter F1 to get full boost. That's 98 cubic inches. How cute.

Here’s a profile shot of the PTE Gen2 102 turbo. It looks like the car is close to being finished. Some basic things are left, like the oil lines, as well as the lines and harnesses for the fuel injectors. The car will be running a Be Cool radiator.

From this angle of the 5.4-liter Ford modular engine, we see a Sullivan fuel rail, along with a Nitrous Outlet throttle spacer plate for one of its nozzles, and an ATI damper on the crank. I'm not sure what they're planning to do with the open PCV there.

Inside Da Hellion is pure eye candy. Did I tell you already that this chassis is all carbon fiber? In here we also see a Precision shifter resting on top of a PTC transmission.

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