PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


On top of the big-boy ignition setup, we see a high end fuel pump with lots of Aeromotive parts. The fuel pump appears to possibly be a Waterman unit, and why not since Aeromotive and Waterman announced at PRI that they're joining forces!

Here’s a close-up of the Hogan’s Racing Manifolds intake manifold. Notice the twin fuel rails on each side. As mentioned earlier, Lutz drives the car on the public road for Drag week on pump fuel, and then converts to Methanol for when he hits the strip.

Lutz’s Pro Mod runs—and maybe you guessed it—a pair of Precision Gen 2 Pro-Mod 88 turbos. The difference between these turbos and the Crow Mod’s 8891 is in the back end. The Crow Mod’s turbos turbines are 91mm while the turbine in each of Lutz’s Gen 2 Pr-Mod 88s measure 103 mm. The latter is also rated at 50 more horsepower per turbo (1650), although we’re sure that number, and the difference between the two turbos, is a little conservative (typical PTE).

Here’s a shot of the other side with a better view of the exhaust manifold. The exhaust sides of each Precision Gen 2 Pro-Mod 88 turbo also come with bigger turbine housings than the 8891s found in the Crow Mod. The 8891 turbos are offered by PTE in 1.00 and 1.08 ARs, while the Pro-Mod 88s are offered in 1.00, 1.12, 1.24, as well as a whopping 1.40.

The 1969 Chevy Nova known as “Murder Nova” was unveiled in the Precision Turbo and Engine/Turbonetics booth. It's driven by Shawn Ellington. His previous Murder Nova visited #1 on the OKC Top-10 list many times. However, Shawn was starting to have some aging issues with the car after so much abuse. The goal with this new Murder Nova was to have a lighter and faster version of the first Murder Nova. Click on the next page for more on this car!

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