PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


Here’s the original Murder Nova I shot last year at PRI 2015, which was featured in the Royal Purple booth.

The original Murder Nova was pretty raw aesthetically. There was nothing glamorous about it, and it had a simple hole cut in the hood. It was there to race, not win shows.

While the new Murder Nova’s has the same goal of kicking butt and taking names, they've also made this one more pleasing to the eye with its aesthetic updates. When we compare it to the original car, we can see they used they used an updated grill, headlights, and front bumper. It looks way better.

In the old car, the rear was pretty bare bones Nova as well with just a spoiler and parachute setup. As simple as it was, it was always one of my favorite cars to watch on the show because it looked original, and it was so stinking fast.

The new car still stays true to the original Chevy Nova looks, and it looks like the same wing will be used. We can see some little updates like updated taillights and less holes in various places. Shawn’s father, Richard, is the proud painter of the car.

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