PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


We can’t do a Street Outlaws edition article without featuring its main protagonist, the Crow Mod, driven by Justin “Big Chief” Shearer.

It’s called the Crow Mod because it replaced the Crow—Big Chief’s previous 1972 Pontiac LeMans—which was #1 on the list. The car’s running days were cut short when Big Chief suffered a horrifying crash on the big end of one of his races. We’re glad he didn’t get badly hurt, but it was a sad scene to see someone lose something that he put his entire life into. Chief had owned the car since he’d first gotten his driver’s license.

This is the scary accident that lost Big Chief his beloved 1972 Pontiac LeMans, the Crow, which was reportedly been putting out around 2500hp. I don't want to turn this into a racer's ed class, nor am I trying to add salt to wound, but we can clearly see in this video that the red car stayed on the car waaay too long after cutting right. I'm sure the driver would have never made that mistake any other time he's ripping the eighth mile by himself, but we all know what the adrenaline feels like when you're side by side with another car. Sometimes those competitive juices can delay the signal between your cautious brain and your over zealous foot.

The Crow Mod is—you guessed it—basically a Pro Mod. It’s a sick looking racecar, to say the least. It’s a full carbon chassis based off of a 1968 Firebird. The engine is the same Pontiac built by Butler Racing that was in his previous Crow. Twin Precision Pro Mod Gen2 8891 turbos boost the 12.3:1 compression, 482 cubic inch motor to 40 PSI. The Ross Pistons, GRP rods, and Crower crankshaft gladly take the abuse.

We can see a lot of Aeromotive fuel system components in there, and it’s actually methanol that pumps through these veins…

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