PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


For you Mustang lovers, here are a couple that have appeared on Street Outlaws. While I couldn’t find much information on the silver car, the yellow one is the 2003 SVT Cobra that belongs to Chris Hamilton (aka “BoostedGT”), who was known as one of the better racers on a small tire.

Under the hood of the silver Mustang is a big turbocharged V8 built by Burns Racing Engines.

BoostedGT was impressive in this car, knocking out several big tire folks along the way to his #5 spot on the list, which he had for a time. Unfortunately for BoostedGT, the competition has gotten so fast and crazy that he knows he won’t have a legitmate chance of moving up 'The List' without going to big tires. Therefore, it appears he’s ditched the yellow Mustang and will be racing a big tire 2005 Mustang in 2017.

The engine is a 347-cubic inch Ford small block, and the turbo is an 88mm, pumping out a reported 1500hp. This car is lucky to still be alive, considering it crashed into a ditch during a drag race just this last October.

This wasn’t a Street Outlaws car I recognized right away because it was unveiled at PRI. Shane Lester of New Orleans is the driver of the Mustang known as “Da Hellion”. The body is all carbon fiber. While it’s primarily a small tire car, Shane says it’s got 47-inch tubs in case he needs to put on big tires. Click on the next page to see more of this car, plus the massive-sized turbo that's on it!

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