PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 2 – The Turbo Cars!


Next to Big Chief’s Crow Mod is Jeff Lutz’s Pro Mod, which is also clawing its way up the Oklahoma City Top-10 list. Like the Crow Mod, Lutz’s car is no joke. It has ran a 5.85 second at 251 MPH in the quarter, making it the world’s quickest “street legal” car (see? There's another license plate).

Looking at its time slips reveals a 3.94 second run at 193 mph in the eighth, with a 0.99 second 60 foot! That is fast, but that also says a lot about the Crow Mod's 199mph eighth mile trap (although sometimes a little less traction off the line can add a little mph at the big end- however it costs you time, of course).

Lutz's Pro Mod is based off of a 1969 Camaro (my personal fav of the muscle cars), and is propelled by a 525-cubic inch big block with twin 88mm PTE turbos. For Drag Week, Lutz set the car up to run pump fuel for the road and then methanol for the strip.

Here’s a snapshot of Lutz’s interior from the driver side. It's got a wide Racepak digital dash display, and the engine is controlled by a Big Stuff ECU.

With an MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition system, you know Lutz's car means business. We see these ignition systems on big, multi-thousand horsepower muscle cars all the time. Anyone care to guess how much these units run? How about $2,200, street price. This car also runs an MSD Magneto points box to control ignition, as seen on the left, behind the ignition wires. Oh yes, that’ll run you another grand.

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