Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


Here’s a look at our new Coby Wheelified armrest!


Many car owners never think twice about their soft white or yellow-ish dome lights.  But having done several LED upgrades in the past, I personally am a big fan, not only for the brighter, whiter light they put out, but if there’s every the chance I leave a dome light on (with kids, this is often), these won’t drain the battery nearly as quick.  Here’s a before shot of our factory interior lighting.


We used a few of these little bulbs we ordered from, having had success with them in our Mazda MPV project already.


To reach the dome light bulbs in an E46 M3, simply pry down the cover holding the housing in.


Remove the old bulbs by twisting and pulling.  There are three.

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