Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


The e-brake handle is a pain to remove.  Grab it hard and pull in a twisting motion.  This process took all my might about 10-15 minutes.  Be prepared to sweat a lot (but I did on my water proof seats, you see?).

Here’s a close-up of Coby Wheel’s double-stitch pattern with M3 colors on the E-brake handle.  We got this pattern on the steering wheel as well.

In order to secure the E-brake boot and have it look even, first put the e-brake handle back on as far as it will go.

Slide the new Coby E-brake boot over the top, but have it flipped inside-out as you see here…


…so that you can secure it with a zip-tie.

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