Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


When flipped back over, the lines should line up and the crease between the boot and the handle should have a nice, even factory look.


The steering wheel is actually quite a surprisingly simple process to remove.  First and foremost, always make sure to have the battery disconnected.  You don’t want the airbag accidentally firing off in your Chevy Chase.  There’s an opening on both sides of the rear portion of the steering wheel.  Insert a normal-sized screwdriver here to push the retaining spring in.  You should feel a click, and the air bag hub should start to free itself.


When both springs are released on either side, the airbag hub will cleanly come off.  Disconnect the two clips on the hub and now the hub is totally free.

Taking an 18mm socket, simply remove the nut that holds the steering wheel in place. 


Before you pull the steering wheel off all the way, make sure to remove these two connectors coming from the car.

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