Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


A close-up of our side bolsters show the true motivation behind our seat covers.


Removing the seats are as simple as removing four bolts with a socket wrench. 


Just remember to unplug the clip underneath before fully removing the seat from the car.


Before sliding the seat covers over, you’re going to have to remove any headrests.  In the case of the E46, push this tab in to release the headrest, and simply pull.  In an E36 you just pull hard to release the headrests.


Installing the Wet Okole seat covers is easy.  In fact, I’ve installed four sets now—one front/rear set on a ’94 Mustang Cobra, two front/rear sets on two different E36 M3s (one coupe and one sedan, so both types of front seats), and now our Project M3.  They fit very snug fit so you do have to pull them over the seats tightly, while trying not to tear the stitching.  But it’s a simple process and they clip underneath to keep them secured, as pictured here.

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