Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


Note the two notches before pulling the wheel off.  Having these marks line up is imperative to making sure your steering wheel goes on straight and you don’t end up looking like a poser.

Here is our beautifully wrapped wheel by Coby Wheel!

We chose black Alcantara® to match the rest of our interior, along with Coby’s double stitching with M colors.  He offers that center stitch in either purple or light blue to match the M-colors of either earlier or later BMW M cars.


We opted for a center steering wheel stripe to match the car’s silver paint.  These stripes, while probably more widely used as a new-school aesthetic, actually help a driver quickly know where the straight-wheel steering position is in case of a spin.

Before we put on our new seat covers, let’s take a look at our factory units, which are not as sporty as the E36 “Vader” seats found on the non-luxury M3 coupes.

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