Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple


These Halo lights aren’t E46 M3 specific.  So, while the center light fit fine, the two outside reading lights wouldn’t fit.  But that didn’t stop us from making it work.

We simply grabbed our Dremel and ground away a couple of millimeters of clearance to make them fit.  Done!

Here’s a shot of our new LED dome lights.

A little grinding was also needed to fit the lights that go into the rear C-pillars.  This really took only about 3-4 minutes.

Here’s a look at our new interior lighting now.  It's nice to see the actual color pop out and not have such a yellow-ish hue to everything.

Click to the next page to see how everything turned out, and also to get a sneak peak of what's up next!

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