Project E46 M3: Part 9 – Interior Upgrades Kept Simple



Keep in mind this picture was taken without a flash.  With the new LED lighting the true interior colors come out.  The look and feel of the car has also been greatly enhanced from before.  And, with all of the Alcantara, the feel and smell is somewhat reminiscent of driving around in a Porsche GT3!  Okay but without the Alcantara on the seats.

While this car looks great, it still is going on 13 years!  Next time we'll discuss some of our recent exterior touch-ups to this teeny bopper to give it a more aggressive look, but in a subtle, tasteful way.


…followed by a feature and test on our trick CSL-style intake manifold from Castro Motorsport!  Let the chase to V8 M3 performance continue.  We've already surpassed a stock S65 M3 V8 in peak torque in the midrange, but can we reach its level of performance in the top end?


While the project is still shaping nicely, as you can see we're still not quite finished (and will we ever be?).  But we feel the goal of updating the experience in this car to more a current-day level of performance and aesthetics has been achieved.  The car is now a maintenance-free pleasure to drive around.  It's not too loud, it handles great, and it scoots.  We'll have Part 10 out to you very soon.  Stay tuned!


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