Project MKIV Supra: Part 16 – New Body Parts and Going in for Paint!


The TwinZ Design via MVP Motorsports body parts we ordered included the front and side splitters, rocker panels, and rear spats.

The Supra's original bumper cover, which has been sitting in my basement the last 14 years, will be going back on, which the TwinZ Design splitter attaches to.

The front splitter is a two-piece design. The first part (left) replaces, the factory portion (right). As we can see here, the new piece will be hanging a little lower.

Here’s the lower part of the splitter, or the tray. I’m a big fan of diffusers and splitters on high performance cars.

Underneath the tray, I was pleased to see a couple of skid plates in case of minor mishap, like scraping over a curb, and the like. Still, if you do it here, you’d better run for your life.

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