Project MKIV Supra: Part 16 – New Body Parts and Going in for Paint!


The only upgrade from the factory look on this Z06 is the adjustable rear Gurney-like lip, which goes on the factory rear wing. At this power level, that modification may come in very handy, especially if the owner of this car has any half- or full-mile runway runs planned.

What people looking from the outside won't be able to tell is that this sucker whips out a menacing 853 WHP and 755 LB-FT of torque on pump 91 and methanol at 16 PSI, and over 902 WHP and 870 LB-FT at just 13 PSI on E85, thanks to a ProCharger F1R blower and a methanol kit developed by MKC. Notice the black reservoir in the foreground.

This is where the methanol is injected, prior to the throttle body.

I happened to be there on one of the earlier Z06 test days, and managed to catch it in action (seen here at 16 PSI). It later made a 902 WHP pull at just 13 PSI on E85.

This Camaro may not look like much at first glance, but it's been a widely followed car throughout social media, thanks to its setup. More on it on the next page…

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