Project MKIV Supra: Part 16 – New Body Parts and Going in for Paint!


When the car was originally painted blue 13 years ago, it was stripped all the way down to the carpeting. This made this job much less time consuming for Irwin, and therefore much less costly for me.

With the original body parts back on, I’m excited about the fitment and OE look…

…especially with its refreshed Estoril Blue color. Here the car is pictured with both TwinZ splitter pieces attached.

We'll have more on the finished look next time. For now, let's check out some more cars that were trolling around Modified by KC!


Speaking of pretty blue cars, one of the last times I tooled around the shop, a Ford F-150 Raptor Roush edition came in for some dyno tuning.

It came in putting down 439 WHP. With a quick tune from Chad it left with 467 WHP.

Check out the F-150's dyno curve, along with some other curves from the bigger hitters (with video) on the next page!

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