Project MKIV Supra: Part 16 – New Body Parts and Going in for Paint!


Like the blue Corvette Z06 on the previous page, this Camaro is rockin' a ProCharger blower and methanol injection system as well.

It's a port-tuned methanol injection system by Vasko Speed…

…which also fabricated its catch can. All told, this car is good for…

Now THAT is a heavenly torque curve if I may say so myself. I mean imagine what it's like to feel 425 LB-FT of torque as you roll the throttle to WOT just cruising at 2000 RPM, only to have it continuously build up to 770 LB-FT by 4500 RPM and stay flat to 5500 RPM. I love it.

If you catch the guys at MKC on the right days, sometimes you're in for a treat. Mike Cho is really into his cooking, and when he's not making some Korean dish at home, he's barbecuing at the shop. This was some tasty chicken. Thanks, Mike!

We hope you enjoyed the Supra's progress and the little MKC Projects car show. Stay tuned as the Supra is nearly finished. In fact, I just saw it tonight (yes, Monday) and it's looking almost too good–like I'm going to be afraid to drive it. I told MIQ's Karla Pestotnik this just a few hours ago. I'm serious. It's too pretty for me. Stay tuned!



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