Project MKIV Supra: Part 16 – New Body Parts and Going in for Paint!


All of the parts use factory hardware.

Here’s a mock up of the original front bumper and new TwinZ splitter. Irwin will be getting rid of the license plate holes.

This will give us an idea of what we will also be changing on the sides. The idea is to enhance the car’s appearance a bit, giving it a lower stance, while retaining the overall OE look. I’d like to think of it as creating a would-be look of a Supra Twin Turbo “S”, if there ever was one.

Here’s a look inside one of the rocker panels, for you body guys.

At Irwin’s shop, the first sight of a side splitter mockup got me all excited. I remember first seeing a side splitter on a Ferrari 458. I was instantly in love with the look. I noticed the C7 Corvette Z06 was one of the many cars that followed suite.

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