Project NSX: Part 7 – Installing PFC Multi-Pad Monobloc Calipers

Performance Friction Multi-Pad Monobloc Caliper for Acura NSX

The rear brakes shaved off 1.4lbs per corner due to the lighter 11.2lb OEM caliper. The rear PFC caliper bracket was marginally lighter, weighing in at 8.2lbs for the caliper and bracket assembly.  A Brembo e-brake kit was modified to fit the wider PFC rotor as well as a custom bracket.

All-in, the massive PFC brake package ended up just slightly lighter than the OEM brakes it replaced.  That’s not a bad tradeoff for delivering more than enough stopping power for the 800hp+ FXMD Time Attack NSX that used 300/310 sized racing slicks.

PFC Brakes NSX

With slight modification, we were able to stuff these gigantic 14” PFC brakes under a set of 17” Volk CE-28 wheels.

Performance Friction Multi-Pad Monobloc Caliper for Acura NSX

The brakes fit much easier under a new set of 18×8.5” Advan RSII wheels wrapped in 235/40-18 Nitto NT05 tires.  To be honest, 13” brakes look a bit small behind 18” wheels, so we were quite happy with the visual looks of the setup in addition to the performance.

Performance Friction Multi-Pad Monobloc Caliper for Acura NSX

A new set of 19×10” Advan RSIIs now reside on the rear of the NSX, wrapped in 275/35-19 Nitto NT05 tires. This wheel and tire stagger is within the OEM stagger tolerances and enables far more tire options to choose from.  The PFC brakes and e-brake setup bring a far more modern look and significantly greater technology to our 30-year-old platform.


  1. OK, that’s just lovely. Wish the multipad stuff was more commonplace but even the “budget” ZR34/ZR94 calipers look pretty nice.

  2. Any idea if the NSX ABS module is similar to the S2k stuff? I am kicking around adding the S2k ABS system to my 240sx as it is a self contained standalone setup. Would be nice to go from no ABS to something more modern and workable.

    1. It’s somewhat similar. The programming is different and there are some hardware differences. People have used it on the NSX but I do not how know it performs vs a system designed for the NSX, however for your application it may be a better option.

  3. I had no idea individual pads were so rare in the automotive world. In the motorcycle industry, lots of even stock calipers use 4 individual pads.

  4. Neat. A lot of new information in this thread. I am one of those people who thought PFC was left only for those in NASCAR circles etc. I have a 328mm Stoptech ST40 kit behind 18″ TE37s. I thought they were cool (just like Milhouse’s mom), but you said otherwise.

    1. They’ve been in formula cars, prototypes, and sportscars for decades. I never said anything bad about StopTech. They are a great product at a great price point and put far more engineering and focus on brake bias for each application than their competitors.

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